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look the precision of referred pain or overestimate it entirely.
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nursing is an impossibility. Every one must be familiar with
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which required the free use of purges, and when the bowels began to act
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he craved very much for a drop of beer, a pint of ale was allowed, which made
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was a definite history of "horse asthma." This is a higher incidence
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applying a similar dressing, and the wound had now completely
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auricular contraction, is absolutely synchronous with the impulse of the
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remaining two, with all the discussions, will appear
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The restitution of motor function and the persistence
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ness was trebled, heing 3£ inches instead of 1 j inches. ' -1
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bed hospital. Good fishing and hunting. Retiring. Con-
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to be founded on correct pathology or on consistent clinical
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tion of the pain. It seems to be almost a matter of indiflbrencc Avhethcr
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We beseech Thee that Thou wilt bless each one of us in our personal
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sis is wrong. They may develop fits due to something
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tions characterized by the formation of bulhe. The superior portion
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and those which proceed from evacuation are cured by reple-
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1896 f.— [Note to Lavault, G., 1896 a] <Rec. de med. vet., Par., v. 73, 8. s., v. 3
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used in unlimited quantities until all the loose diph-
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ance of the Medical Faculty of the University, in a Bill which
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recognized college or science sch(X>l. Application blanks will be sent upon application.
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ment are those in which cavities have not yet formed, and espec-
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duncular region was not explored owing to ^'^'"^ ^^l^^n to protect the cornea from irri-
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dioxide in the blood. They did not observe any constant results by
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a rather spare, fresh-looking, energetic person, capable of enduring great;
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vascularity, but there is often an absence of any symptom which would
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tion, consolidation at right apex; left upper and middle
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ments and sounds ; and above all by the valvular murmurs.
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concerning the disease just named, is deserving of careful con-
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whey had been given to the patient. As the recurrence followed almost
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by an operation, nor by medicine. For the patient is oppressed witli ardent
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ence of Life, Health, jind Disease: explanatory of the Mysteries of Man's
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tary. " How Should the General Practitioner Deal with Strangu-
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