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Some years ago I had an interesting case of hemorrhage from
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showing the continuance of the disease in these States. In 1879 there
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M. Month., 1893, xiii, 433; 481; 529.— Bush (W. D.) Ma-
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school and 'Varsity days. How they literally moulded our character
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Reforms do not perfect themselves in a day nor in a genera-
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15. Mr. P. 0. M., set. 37, Nov. 6, '97. Variety, bronchial ; dura-
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Secretary of State the power of saying that this or that Uni-
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the eye, or the ear, or the mouth, and sometimes even the forehead ; which being
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silence of ancient medical authors on this subject. !N^either
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in autumn, in this respect differing from typhoid fever.
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tion, and worthy of the best efforts of the best minds among us.
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of the ready-made drugs company, and an unpaid vendor, and
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JDvertebral ganglia of vertebrata. Hence the analogy between the spinal cord of the verte-
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attention has been recently attracted to the functions of the vegetative
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unusual appearance whatever — an important fact, considering that it is
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chronic diarrhea in which the patient is markedly emaciated and unable to
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in the muscles; further, the commencing channels of
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tion of a large mass of imperfect horn at the toe, are identical
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near the head of the list of antiseptics, having found that it destroyed the
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resulting from gonorrhea, carried by the circulation. The
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servation ; and I am inclined to include my case in the same cate-
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level of care. Twenty-one percent (24) of the patients
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mucus in the throat an assistant was directed to swab
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flexures, and the compression of some parts by the distended
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acceptance of the idea that any scheme of cardiac care should in-
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medullizatiou. Ann. Suig., Pbila., 1890, xxiii,' 427-430.—
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pulse was 122 and the respiration 32. The President during
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given, if hot the better. After this encourage quiet and sleep.
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stools there should be bile in the urine, if bile is made. I do
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that structural lesions do not exist. Several points, connected with the
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tuberculosis, in all essential points analogous to the general miliary tuberculosis
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men, or an ordinary dose of oil or salts. The first class of
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illustrations on wood. Philada. : Blanchard & Lea, 1854. pp. 234.
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though there are not a few highly situated infected places. This