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ing statement of cases and deaths reported during the two
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' The various narcotics have been extensively tried in the se-
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coloured large-belled froth. The left lung contained but little blood,
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the thyroid gland ; below the finger, the sympathetic
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last object held in his hands, and, upon his death-bed, he pre-
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In the essay of Dr. J{aly on the mortality of prisons [Med.-Chirurg. Trans.,
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practice, and in medical teaching and literature, whom it must always
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from these reported cases, the microbic infection which gives rise to
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II. Those in w r hich the duration of the period of ventricular systole is
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the American Medical Association is concerned, and I should not have a word
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and a half to three grains of the powder must be blown
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Sal ammoniac is indicated more especially in the second
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so to say, would greatly increase the unpaid work with which
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Wile regard Paget's disease as an abnormal proliferation
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Bitaated over the intArnal malleoliu, in the instep and over what, for the sake
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pharyngeal margin of velum. S, S. Lateral or arch surfaces of
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was sent home with a worse prognosis, but the disease
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Blood sugar in hyperthyroidism; W. Denis and J. C. Aub, with the assis-
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Finally it should be borne in mind that there are more desirable
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done at the Government Printing Office, which is totally
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But the reverse was the case, for in addition to a dislocation of the hip, she had
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the decrease in the number of the granules in the acute leukocytoses.
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were, through a lemurine prism. The lower American apes meet us
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employed ; so that there remains only the blunt hook which is slender throughout
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that " in every case of convulsion, the brain is at
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During the last six months of life the firmness of the muscles
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May came to 29 692. Tfa)&/fl|^aiO dU'^Mtion <rf wititd was S. £. in
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quite free and well defined in the loin. It was im-
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LefEerts's description — under the very startling caption, ^^JVew
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folds a piece of paper to give it the requisite amount of
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X'o anaesthetic was required. As the patient's condition was critical
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as ol" the Uiiitod States service, and yet be every way cnm-
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L.S.A., to the Thornbury District and the Workhouse.
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and second articulation, had disarticulated the first and second
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Db. Graham : The history of the first of Dr. Stockton's patient's reminds
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salicine, as proposed by Dr. Maclagan. The translator gives