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soon appearing in cancer. In gastric ulcer, a diagnostic feature

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between the margins of the wound and place the patient in bed.^'

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until all signs of irritation have passed away. When,

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ment of old sinuses already operated upon, and through some

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Some may say it cannot be done, and say who shall furnish

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No. 18. Ulcerated Cancer of the Lip. — In the second instance,

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ton over the site of the hernia, but that is objectionable, as the

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duced any appreciable effect upon the part. At the expiration of

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modes by which to render the animal and vegetable kingdoms

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laryngitis, septic pneumonia, or bronchiectasis ; and

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electrical theory, and especially since the popular theories

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The antherozoids when set free from the antheridium, swarm

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10. Under no circumstances should bronchotomy be performed without

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the urinary and generative organs. But she has protected this

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In our operation, we did not come into the canal so that the

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spitting habit is an absolute menance to the public health. . . .

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the left in four ; on both sides in five ; in all twenty-three, giving the pro-

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attainment — in a word, it implies professional progress.

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ment of the sections for the day at 1:30, and the afternoon ses-

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Starch and cellulose was demonstrated as common to both.

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injury, examine again and again. Let him remember that crepi-

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a little upwards of 2£ per cent. For the last six years preceding 1853

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Solution No. 1, consisting of saturated alcoholic solution

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fers somewhat from Mr. Paget. The latter, although he admitted that

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" The regulation was not only unauthorized by the law, but it is in

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following sentence (with a qualification) : — " I repeat, that where the

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illustrates the fact, that in the advance of science men are naturallv

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instance of it was seen by Dr. Gregory at the Small-pox Hospital

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which occur to women at the close of the child-bearing period,

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woman of middle age was presented, in whom had occurred a spon-

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to the development of fungi. After twelve days, fermenta-

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hold upon the head would be apparently slight — yet, after the

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studied carefully by young physicians before they undertake to medicate

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