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rest and sleep, in apartments securely protected against wind
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his capacity may attain a place among the teachers of the
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wall collapsed considerably, accompanied with an api)arent slight
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local injury to the tissues, as in the case of frost bite,
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matous cavern. The edges are perpendicular, its floor
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the Boston City Hospital, contributes a paper upon ''Tracheotomy and In-
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oughly with a 1 : 1 00 dilution of Vagisec liquid. Re-
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had been found that in an adult a force of one hundred pounds
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factor, but does not believe that the wearing of corsets
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each side of and around the gauze, compressing the bleeding liver margins
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horizontal position. It was occasionally intermittent, but fairly regular
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the large arteries has been noticed in calves as the result of in-
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quickly wrapped up. This operation is repeated every half -hour until
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■iag themselves in that mysterious somethiiiij which apparently
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mencement of the treatment, and did not prove permanent. The average num-
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Folchi (G.) Sulla febbre petecchiale che ha regnato
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tion or by a delegated officer, with collection of data
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j'^.urope. Such I know to be the opinion of the most
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cases of a similar nature given in the work of Bernutz, except that
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very common feeling of the transitoriness and relative unim-
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tonitis. She gave a history of having had acute peritonitis sev-
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of the brain and cord suogests that a study of the chemistry of
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round, the fusiform, and the myeloid cells. The round cells are
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with very slight local effect, while others produce
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The officers were elected b} r ballot. The voting was done expedi-
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of their reporters, thus seeking to present the ultimate results, whether
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astigmatism in the left eye which under a mydriatic
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and among the wealthy. Cocaine is contained in certain quack nos-
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It may be objected that the persistency of spasmodic
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Fracture du f6mur; consolidatiou vicieuse; rupture dn
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the second time, and the amputation wound healed primarily.
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pect improvement. The best way to give relief was to
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the lower third of the penis. Then the urethra, to-
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nance enjoining summary slaughter. These are but indications of what
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quently, when sought after, in the bodies of subjects of all ages dead with
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contended that he should not require to enter the laboratory of the
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sufficiently distinctive. Apoplexy with extravasation of blood is to be
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engineer — defects of which they are themselves more or less aware. The
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then allowed, with the exception of salads, sardines,