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that the pseudodiphtheria bacillus and the xerosis bacillus are not

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stances, and appear to some extent in the course of the disease, as found

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associated, i. e., muscular tension with a variable amount of

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vessels. Unquestionably this author considers that since the

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to give over till Michaelmas next, I am commanded to

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eitlier to prove or disprove it. But if such an explanation as the one

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be overcome. As a weak solution of the bicarbonate of

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rapid, probably, as Mr. Hussey remarks, owing to consider-

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has been considered advisable on the view that the high arterial

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below the pubes, and by a combination of both these

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prevailing opinion at present. I will now, however, ' pital have, for some years past, been made familiar

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drainage and irrigation failed to relieve the symptoms, an

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of the specimens from diabetic patients on CAPD therapy

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matter, as it especially concerns the preservation of health,

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methods ofoperating, than in these artsandsciencesofapparcntly

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mucus, and in this increase of secretion we have the verv well known

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counted for by the well-known fact that, owing to the

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the commonest deviation from the normal exhibited by the liver. To

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from six to thirty minutes, iodine was found in the urine, and

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details will be found in the British Medical Journal,

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atrophy of some of the nerve-fibres, both axis-cylinders

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