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in the city of New York, because the Board of Health was

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Inspection of the stools will reveal, in positive cases, the whitish, thread-like

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(a) For retroversion, 92 cases, of which GO were traced.

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The hotels contain a large number of rooms, most of them small,

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The tubercles in Guinea-pig XI, though distinctly proliferative,

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patients be not unduly heated, and that an abundance of fresh air should

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though the same quantity of each alone may be insufficient to produce bad

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some of the best hospitals in the country, in addition to thorough scrub-

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The body of a young woman was found in the Med way under circumstances

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to vary the expression, we know no more of the nature of any one than

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and "looked out of its right eye." Yet in none of these cases was Mr.

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the following — viz., excision of the upper jaw, complete mastoidectomy,

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These sexual dififerences are seen at a glance in the two figures