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carbolic acid, and these remedies in various combina-

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were tested on primary vaccination cases. Ten chil-

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Lobular pneumonitis is a secondary affection, and almost always secondary

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caused by malarial enlargement. N. Yur.v M. J., 1895,

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I hope you have seen, or possess, a case of Earth's pathological prepara-

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â– will and consent, and without acting under their orders or pay

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and, presenting tlicm separate to the car, makes now one and

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ment of the Microgamete. (After Schaudinn) - - - 210

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days ; recovery is usually perfect, and takes place within three weeks.

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pages in which the author, whose name is unknown, ex-

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carefully and be attentive to the feelings of parents. Put yourself in the

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the Manhattan Hospital, Dr. Adam, immediately examined the child's eyes

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although its walls measured only from one eighth to a quarter of an inch in

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yet end in recovery ; even after twenty years. In others the disorder

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tion of law and fact. In an old and inveterate case, it is

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alk shirt, is to be recommended to patients of either sex, as securing the

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As the pneumococcus has long been recognized as the-

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le narrow compartment in the upper part is for pipettes. The

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Dr. Eloise A. Sears, now taking a course of obstetrics in Vienna, will return

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a pure hypertrophy, and in other cases a hypertrophy with dilatation of

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abdominal pain due to hysteria it acted very promptly, not only

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sole of the foot. In 1875 a police-constable in good health was sent into the

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>c'\ere and uncontrollable h,emorriMj;e takinu plaee. 'I'o all appearanee-

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but in grave cases (gangrenous flux) they emit a noticeable cadaverous odor. See

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within two years from the time when the operation was first