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ai)proach of wint.^r as normal frog's .hi bv preparini.' itself for hiberna-
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spoiled or become unclean since the inspection at time of slaughter.
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eerebrnin Althonizh the former of these methods of comp-nsation n.a.v
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Leucocytes, 11,600. The blood drawn from a vein this day shows the
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utive Secretary, Mr. O’Brien, and the Field Secretary,
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many tuberculosis cases in the state came to their at-
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foreign commerce; and the carcasses and parts thereof of all such animals found to be
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in these regulations, shall be retained and filed by the initial carrier in order that they
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definite symptoms. In about one-half of the cases in which the com-
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(14) Gbeat Bbitain, Royal Commission on Tubbbculosib. (Human and
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stances, the sugar constituent of which is glucose.
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propyl-thiouracil were insignificant in their first
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hiferal ones but of still ureater import anee is the of reflex-
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tember 17. Twisted stomach worms, none ; hookworms, none ; worm nodules, 1.
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(Westergren) on May 10, gradually falling to 15 mm.
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the ocean plant, valonia, and the surrounding ocean
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In Indiana, where they make a fancy grade of lard. (P. 113-114.)
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Koch, M.D., Clayton; J. F. Jolley, M.D., Mexico; R. W.
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normal and the blood amylase was 68 units per cent.
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a ceremony in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York
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Case I. — General miliary tuberculosis with acute tuberculous men-
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meeting the problem of the reported occupancy of ap-
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herent. Later, when I looked in detail at individual
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XVII. Hydrosalpinx, its Surgical and Pathological Aspects. By T. S. Cullbn,
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shining examples of the need for two-pants suits. Exercise? They lie down
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Eigel, Edwin G St. Louis Ferguson, L. H Monett Gage, Helen L. B Webster Groves
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establishments whose meats or meat-food products, in whole or in part, enter into inter-
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lated portion of the hodv fnan the son, of th.- stimulus, all stimuli whieh
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as to the disposition of packers to slaughter diseased or emaciated
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sihle so far to ich'iitify hut on(> siihstaiice- na'iiely. dialuric acid. This
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Station. By Charles D. Woods and Gilbert M. Gowell, of the Maine Agri-
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fit' t't'vcr, ipi'i'iiiiinir iillrr M'\rii' I'lUilUNiiiiis nr ciIIht wniiiiils, iiiiix In-
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their nuclei seem to be more abundant and their cell outlines less distinct.
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the House of Delegates that the American Medical Association
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of congenital cardiovascular defects and their treat-
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products, and left it to the officials of other countries to inspect our
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Cattle originating in and shipped from the modified quarantined area Into any State
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Eisendrath, Daniel N.: Ectopic Ending of the Ureter, Urol. &
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8. *BowBS, C. EL: "Bare congenital malformations.*' Lancet»
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Coolers were In fair condition. Salt was sprinkled over the floors. The light was
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itis. This latter change may be seen well in older vessels near the zone
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various diseases in question and were promulgated only after due consideration was
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balance. The urea fraction shows no constant change, the variations
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upon the presence of an anomaly of the great vessels in the thorax
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tect our cattle interests, saying that the existence of pleuro-pneumonia
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