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She is operated upon, and improves ; and in October
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them some glimpses into the miseries and evils wrought under
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^nd five degrees or one hundred and seven degrees or more, (above which
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with some degree of vascular excitement, benefit will be obtained by the
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large copper boilers for the water, and copper receptacles
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it must be difficult to decide thtft this has occuiied.
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Roux of the Pasteur Institute of Paris. Through a generous
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vapors are infused into the atmospheric mass, to account for the change.
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These are imprisoned by lymph thrown out from the exposed
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dislocation outward, which obviates, in a measure, the danger of com-
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mitral valves, bat occasionally in the tricuspid, as the result of inflamma-
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General Hospital. He had practiced medicine in Bovey,
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1. Place a cushion under the back; draw the arm downwards
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pleura, or it is possible to remoi^e that pus and have the pleura
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decidua, and the cervix was not closed as it is during utero-
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tzel (O.) Ueber schwere Erkrankungen au Ileotyphus,
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some would be great if it were not for circumstances." Some under
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to be brought out at the corresponding angles. In order to moderate the
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wide world suffer with dyspepsia more than our ladies, both married
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The Care of the Baby. By J. P. Crozer Griffith, M. D., Clinical Pro-
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with an oval electrode and then piercing the eschar with a fine pointed
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the Hospital of this (a peculiarly fever-stricken) district.
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a burst of devotional eloquence, and the address to the
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Dr. r H. BoswoRTH, of New York: 1 have listened with no
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there was no paralysis. A doctor was called in, who found the urine
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the following announcement :— " Whitehall, April 8. The
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affected. Distinctively, it consists of inordinate, irregular functional oper-
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ceased to seek or expect justice at the hands of the authorities. His
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with a short tube, but the smoker inhaling the smoke ; (7) tobacco
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phases, etc., it was finally made to include "every person of
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malarial fever. A consequence of all this was the terrible abuse of
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of the surroundings. Treatment consists in the free and
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a full, strong pulse, it was thought advisable to resort
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management this fact should be borne in mind. Moderation in
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He thought the greater harm was done by the child remaining at home.