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These Bills were subsequently brought in and read a first
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Cvanide o7no^ rS Y °T\^ and *° m that til » e ™P idI J ^covered,
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guanin is placed in a mixture containing finely divided pancreas, with
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quantity of food, even though there has been no gain in weight.
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had appeared in the situation of the wound. Some time after
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duced by the return of the membrane to its position of rest. In other
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continued until some time in May, when he found that he had difficulty
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should a self-styled scientist have the recklessness to
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temperature. But there is a great drawback to its exhibition in
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need it. At all events, severe cinchonism would result from such
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plied that he relied on the wife. The case was decided
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and is cemented carefully to it. Other pieces are at-
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herpes exedens j and in such cases he has employed Dippel's a-
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usual degree from neurasthenia, nervous debility, migraine,
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A stout man of 60 years old, much addicted to wme, took an apo-
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the neck, head, and eyes, may be more pathognomonic than the staring eye with
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well furnxshed and lighted. The most inferior part of the fixed equip-
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Deaths reported 2,270: under five years of age 942; principal
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tion of arsenic, tincture of iodine, carbolic acid,
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Legal Journal have admirably fitted him for the task he
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Germany, for instance, will show how utterly inadequate
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December, 1896, she gave up taking any solid food, as it
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286 recoveries, or 24.2% ; out of 5546 intubations,
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sooth-sayers, and magicians, who used hypnosis as a means of
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these is colchicum, which may \>e given in any of the pharmacopoeial
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transitions of temperature, closing the porous system, and conse-
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angle of the jaw, those necessarily which correspond to the tonsil
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solution all through the treatment hours and, when used, they will be removed by
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the pain and fever have subsided, the practitioner must deter-
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vulvar outlet and the head should be slowly extended
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has been repeated over and over again, but until the profession realizes
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down. The film tells its target audience— young people— of
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elephantiasis is very rare, and it is doubtful whether the few
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-with marked symptoms, but is often extremely obscnre in its indicationB.
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pands unduly, to fill out the vacated portion of chest, and the cells