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The Civil Service Commission has also proposed that pre-employment physical
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adults when bacterial decomposition causes putrefactive changes. The
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may be the direct result of the parasites, and may therefore be
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but also a flattened nmcosa, it is no doubt correct to call it a
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impainnent of nutrition, debility, and emaciation are usually marked
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and used early, much sickness would be avoided. Seidlitz Salts
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Qointon, William W., P^irst Lieutenant and Assistant Sur-
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H. R. ; Mr. Rigden ; Dr. Phillips; Mr. T. Ri ssell ; Mr. Baoshaw;
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it frequently happens that, when rising from a sitting posture, he is
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theories, to recognize the unfilled gaps which j'et remain, and to form
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rules of hygiene; the girl who spends her time in w^ork,
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would naturally conclude that the diaphragm is lined with a
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cence. Thi^ learned judge, who goes out of his way to fling
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endothelial wall. When the bud-cells, with their haemoglobin envelope,
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M. Jules Roux, Surgeon in Chief of the Great Naval Hospital of St. Maundrifer,
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which it is very necessary to impress upon the practitioner, respecting
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8. Tennant FS, et at: Symposium on the Treatment of Sleep
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a blue color settles at the bottom, owing to the chloroform carrying with it
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especially prepared Original Articles on Treatment, Medicine, Surgery,
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some beer; in other words, a mixed and faulty diet ex-
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5. More than 80 per cent, of all diseases of the ano-rectal
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pint. Season with salt and flavor with celery. Strain it for use.
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pepsia after the rib symptom.) Orvosi hetil., Budapest,
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Hemorrhage may occur from the stomach or from the bowel, or the
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than their own, is a process that "gives satire all its strength. "
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but it occurs yet more frequently without any history
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cated, and these were administered : others, whom I warned of
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1881 Olliee, Leopold, Honorary Surgeon to the Hotel Dieu of
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Tansy has been introduced into this country, and is found
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region, and was treated by his physician for rheumatism for some
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became non-coagulable by the reaction, but slight hepatic changes
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The lower external part of the retina was bloodless, the line
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problem in this State is education, and that is the thing I bear in
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of psoriasis with rheumatism which passed over into pityriasis rubra ; and
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the poison, and of the danger of ai-resting discharges.
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that o])served in man ; that the f(>rmer a]>p('ared to be "' a sort
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