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servation. The tumor had been found at operation to
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out sepsis; the difference is in the pain. The pain of
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tation of the lungs sometimes reveals the signs of pulmonary congestion.
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attention. Crematories for garbage are to be recom-
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serious injury to the kidney by its persistence, those stones which fail
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birth, or still birth. Other facts the meaning of which
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Turck's columns. The arrows show the direction of the conduction, two
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than true demonstrations of the anatomy as actually
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hemorrhage is more or less marked and often complete, as regards the sensi-
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are threatened by it. This term is used to signify that peculiar build
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organ refuses to eliminate the increased amount of water and the flushing of
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man, who has thus had the courage and candor to report a sinister
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It will of course often be difficult to determine whether certain cases
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treatment, and is the only operation that does, [c.a.c]
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deaf, but who are, in point of fact, conscious of niore or
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nized, which due consideration lias suggested ; to print
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region of Os naviculaire and carried up inner side of leg to tibial tuberosity
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years, and in rare instances to seven (Schule), and even twelve years
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fites: J. A. Llpplncott, H. V. WQrdemann, C. A. Wood, G. El. de
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corroboration, and it was very interesting to find that Dr. Hyflel and others
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habits, with special •»« drinking milk and
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found urinals in use. That was proper in Rotterdam. If some one did the
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3. Materia Medica and Therapeutics, with ample Illustrations ofPrac*
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We are convinced that the ^r^at fault of domestic works in general is,
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ration conaiats of niueus floating on water, with which are coiuitvU«l £la-
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in'eo^ular, blackish masses and ovoid bodies of unknown na-
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nected with a scrofulous diathesis, may not be developed.
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older anatomists have written, shall we not be sustained in the statement
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be definite organic disease of the heart. According to Sir Wm. Gowers,
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notwithstanding the corrosiveness of the discharge. In
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heartily endorse . . . and so, while Bob-English prowls
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did but place the sick in conditions favourable to recovery. He
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year for five years for original laboratory work in investigating
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Board Certified; Will be American Board Eligible 1977;
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tion is feasible but not safe. If the jaw is properly managed
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Kalzrr (F,) Dc I'erytbrasma (niicrosporon niinutissi
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niack, M. I)., Chairman, Bowling Green; Consanguineous Marriage the Predisposing
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upon factors belonging to the individual peculiarities of every case. It is
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exception of the afternoon of the election, when the
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injections, in which the latter has been followed by an abnormal reaction,
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or a foot breaker may be used, so that while working we
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slightly translucent or pearly aspect, and a whitish or yellowish hue.
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the prostate gland. As the treatment usually includes the occasional intro-
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influenza bacilli in the body of the animal [except when injected intra-
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