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Porro cases — the thickness is the result of the placental separa-
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Hoping thus to silence the complaints of individuals and ensure
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bution of the disease could be more easily cleared up. Attention
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York University, they had thought it calculated to attract undue atten-
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quiry, it is not always or annually active or efficient. Some of our
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out difficulty. With the present specimen the fin<^er-
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With regard to the objection, "which naturally suggests itself, that legumi-
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know that there are many among these so-called pauper idiots who could
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in origin. The roots of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth cervical on
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[2] Sachs, J. " Text-book of Botany," Oxford, 1882.
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the first time, the amendment, which, I confess, appears to
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" I. These surgeons are backed by a powerful finan-
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remember that this syringe, being of glass and glass only,
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on the pathological anatomy of the affection which he has
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passed over without a reference to the study of Auer and Meltzer^
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A CASE of rupture of the Vagina with protrusion of the intestine has been
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Case D, B. — A woman had a severe attack of pellagra in the autumn of 1909
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ture through a perforated shot or piece of lead .and draw
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gallons had discharged the fluid came quite slowly, and
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This field he soon repaired to, and after uniting his destiny in
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from all the instruments now used in meteorology : hence, then,
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and a vomiting of bile: if exteriorly, or interiorly, the fore-arm is extended, but
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instance in which a tract degeneration was established with probability
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adhere to it, apply it to the painted surface^ when a little
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turning over should be avoided, and he should move his arms as little as
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Here in the city, if you are called into a difficult case, you always
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James Robertson Crease, F.R.C.S. Ed., South Shields,
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To bring forward an array of clinical experience in support of this
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niack, M. I)., Chairman, Bowling Green; Consanguineous Marriage the Predisposing
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this movement for the establishment in Edinburgh of such an Institute,
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