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being 130 and 38, respectively. Patient condition of lowered resistance is produced
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that it had already been employed in several of the phlegmasia?,
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not treating them fairly ; and though we give them the largest
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to settle at Mentone and advocate its claims before the profession
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ear, nose, throat, chest, abdomen, and many other uses that will sug-
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with the addition of a little water and .squeezing the pulp
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The bacterium of anthrax itself is not an especially hardy
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febrile disease are of a different order, and may be divided under
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without any external lesion being produced. But if the mercury
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4th. In some cases, the susceptibility was so great, that two drops
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a very favorable case for the new treatment, and he was desired to
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ment and by swelling and tension of the muscles. The limbs
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the pancreas and milk. It has not been found in the blood.
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dyspeptic phenomena are usually rapidly relieved by the use of
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afflicted with stricture to such a degree that he became unable to
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Typhoid fever in Walker County, Ga. — I am indebted to Dr. A.
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1 The Physostigmia (calabarine) employed in these researches was made by
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§ 276. Differential diagnosis. This disease is to be
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Sir Dominic that as hsemorrhoidal tumours are, as a rule, so suc-
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ed to iodide of potassium, the former at- of the gastro-intestinal tract, and by micro-
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Investigations concerning it have extended over more than a
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and the character of their lesions, the transmission of fowl
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catarrh, the other, who had excluded from his pneumonia list
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Reports of Committees were called for. consecutive years they are entitled to go on
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cine. The authors state that even in very dilute decoctions it is
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reduced to little more than fibrous tissue can have its proper
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in very virulent cases, the short duration of the disease may tend
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delineated, and which consisted of a slightly curved shaft, about
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he states, it is common and very fatal to horses and mules.
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e^-Look for the Red Heart Label. EiceUent hotel accommodations at the Springs..^
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useful or so constantly preferable to acids. He is quite right in
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This patient had no return of the paroxysms, and was dii I 23rd
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diagnosis or were unable to diagnose. Now would have made him one of the foremost
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operation ; so that the patient is now sure of improvement from