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adequate," the author says of his hero, Ezra Wendell. The study

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sented scholarly papers on " Blood Changes," by Dr. A. S.

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to her status or her school, and obtained the especial re-

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ethical requirements, have given so high a prestige to the profession.

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termination of her character and the directness with which

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attended by the physician of the town but without relief. In the

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Special Pathology and Diagnostics, with Therapeutic

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the same — articles of food, adding to their quantity from time

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room with every appliance for his professional work. His

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as seen by him in European hospitals (for papers in full, see

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AVar, 1864-65, who was the father of Dr. Irving S. Haynes, of this

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simple, device may be seen from the fact that, as Dr. Gibbons tells

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County of New York, etc. He also is a member of the

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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,

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" I. The opening into a large artery necessitates, as

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of Homci:opathy. Id her later years she served as one of

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is a " huno-er for air." Phvsical examination of the lungs gives negative

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:,].■! ■■• \w I \~\ \'\r.~h\K\.u\ Cliurcli.iOiJiilJnj; its |ia^t.)r.

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the attachments which surround the sacred name of family physician.

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eighteen grains within one hour and a half. She had taken, in

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have generally a rather favourable prognosis. They usually

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as attending and consulting physician with St. Luke's Hospital,

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try. Owing to lack of sympathy with the work of maintaining

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acceptance, after trial, by such physicians as Dr. Cooke and the

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Cumberland, and was mustered out of service at the close

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to abandon the idea of taking ihe course at Princeton.

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energy in the surgical type of a man will accomplish. He

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in Wood's Library for 1881, forms a most valuable and exhaus-