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The clinical examination of breast milk is shown to be as
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belief is now general in the curability of many cases of hepatic cirrhosis
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quality of its scientific work. It is, perhaps, somewhat to be regretted
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" parasitic monsters," and fmtus in fcetu. Tht* special genus or family
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standing of the disease in question, and to show why in infants the symp-
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being possible ; and it is for the most part likely to prove injurious in
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cision. No exploration was made. No relief of her previous con-
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Therefore how can we intelligently compute the cost? It is
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is losing or has lost. A moron never had any fund to lose. A
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hour in all has generally been employed. Malt extract may be mixed with
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year's work I submitted my report, together with microscopical slides ot
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heretofore those professions have been negligible quantities in the
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is no provision which permits him a statewide freedom of choice.
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foration, and the placenta followed half an hour later. On examination, a
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of Kader, the stomach being held up to the abdominal wall on
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istered 1,886 new applicants, and there have been made 22,783
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choreic ; she was peevish, querulous, and obstinate, unable to concentrate
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Somewhere between the fifteenth and the eighteenth month, ac-
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annum. Special attention is given in each issue to the reporting
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by Lister, Boeckel, Lucas-Championniere, and Verneuil. The advantage of
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the oesophagus at about the level of the bifurcation of .the trachea. Below
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rent through it is influenced to some degree by that through the carotid on
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pository or "pellet," containing various medicaments for the ear in chronic
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five per cent. This seems more favorable than the opinion gen-
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takes place very rapidly and precipitately, while with boys this
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and the preponderating quality of sexual instincts will eye-strain be disastrous to the
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assist by treating the unfortunate addict, the average physician
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is attracted by an excellent drawing of the crescentic bodies first observed
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Dr. H. Lilienthal believed the dose could be graded more accu-
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dents necessarily accompanying vigorous sports such as football and
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One may miss organisms, such as the so-called gasbacillus,
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at another time more vesicular. The herpetiform element, more or less
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gauze the simple soluble cyanide of mercury is present in considerable quan-
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Pations in the back and lower part of both lungs. Nowhere could there be
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were second to government employees, the Red Guards, and every-
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