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theoretical considerations, and an explanation offered
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On examination the patient was found to be robust and well nourished; 5 feet 9
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the digested food are forced intermittently into the
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he was ' shamming' or not. Occasionally he is pestered
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we have at our disposal a definite physiologic remedial agent.
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the involvement of the peritoneum. Perforation of a suppurat-
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lad, in 1776 had smallpox kindly for that period, in Boston, by inoculation
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The pancreatic juice, containing the organic agent pancreatine
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tage, for, well used, it could do no harm. He believed this
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Aberdeen University, not more than twenty- eight years of age,
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form of the disease few recoveries take place. The treatment
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thn^, but no purpuric spots were seen. There was no ureth-
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reading the article on hemorrhoids and glad to find the clamp and
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several thousand terms were introduced which were not to be found in
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the liquid, and the flow can be started again by pushing the tube on
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line at the upper border of the seventh rib, and reaches
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for carefully carrying on and improving, if possible, the
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complications of nervous diseases, a iew words may be added
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ducts; but both varieties are formed within the gall-bladder.
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His gait was normal. Indeed, the patient demonstrated
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growth from the uterus, and gave a detailed account of the case*.
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the plasma, indicates that red blood-corpuscles are destroyed. If reaction
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tion with a I to 4,000 warm solution of the bichloride of