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days in which it is kept in an incubator. Use the clear superna-
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antigen is being used, the tops of the tubes should be
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dissuade him from walking home from the hospital, a feat which he
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which are offered at that great centre of clinical medicine and
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transferring 0.1 to 0.2 ml of the semi-solid culture to the bottom of
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1.180 (par. 473), is added and the feces thoroughly
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I HAVE two patients to show you today, both of whom have
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per 1,000. In titration of one standard solution against another,
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rectified alcohol) in a half cupful of water just before he had to
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In the March number of the Homoeopathic Physician is to be
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reported, diphtheria had 170, scarlet fever 123, typhoid fever 25, small-pox 1.
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therapeutic suggestions of forty physicians who have considered
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process which is solely concerned with tissue elements which are considered
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urine and blood are compared directly, the actual con-
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Dr. Gallupe was eminently a man of domestic tastes and habits. It was while he
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Metaplasia is a change of tissue type — a change limited and following
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from mouth to mouth affords a ready means of spread. Occasionally the
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for dinner. The afternoon session was opened by a paper from
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move the tubes from the autoclave. Repeat on 3 suc-
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after ail have been the dose. Did he give too little, or too much ?
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brane or exudate from that area, with care to gather a
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through the medium of an individual, not himself ill of it, as in a striking
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and as comfortably as under the general anesthetic. In the
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the streptococci are found in large numbers in the lymphatics of the cutis
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ing crystalline phenol, CP, in a water bath and raise the temper-
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served, or are now serving, in areas where they are common.
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The results were symptom lists. These consisted of state-
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with a white stripe on either side, the edges and tip continuing red. Later
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the illTnourished, rachitic, or tuberculous denizens of a large city.
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recognized by atypical or feathery clumping and the
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The subject was discussed in detail by Drs. Walker, Chamber-
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remain at the seat of infection, where they may or may not multiply.
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