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Bound with: Izvlestiya Imp. Tomsk. Univ., 1895, vii-

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dementia occurred in the final stage in one case. The disease generally

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an end to the popularity of compounds of various kinds

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tion sewed up. The perineum was also repaired and the

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with various physicians, they have presented a wide

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He did not again see her till the 25th of last month (Jan., '56) when he was

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a single foot of ground to leave to his children. — February

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A rubber pillow is placed under the patient's back at the

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tion, by passing a Needle with a strong twisted Thread through

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aches, at first so severe as almost to set her frantic. There has

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306. Ulceration is a frequent occurrence in those who work

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suffered constant pain posteriorly over his kidneys and passed a bright red

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Eight hours after the attack, three-fourths of a pound

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to them. Still, however, it should not be forgotten, that this

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selective action upon certain parts of the body. He nad become

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School, from which he graduated in 1887, receiving the Campbell

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vulsions have been reported in cases of abscesses at various sites, even

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ease nor afford relief to many sufferings with which

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should continue until as many as possible of the possible

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after exposure to the contagion ; that of the measles from ten to

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carried out by Professor Delepine, Dr. Coutts, Mr. Tattersall, and Professor

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police had i)icked up, in various parts of Manhattan

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from the superintendency of the Western Kentucky Insane

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tudinally without any loss of its contracting power;

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( 1887 ), 1888, xxii, 89-95. Also: Union in6d.. Par.,

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the water-soluble acet-theocin-sodium in doses of about 3 grains three times a

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iously expel any physician guilty either of its perpetration or

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the aliment remains in them much longer, so that any-