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normal and the mass moves to the right. Occult blood is present in the
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London. There is little, if any, difference in grade between the two
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any purchaser thereof, any animal apparently affected with actinomycosis, commonly called
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members of the component societies of the Association,
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ber 25. Dr. Smith spoke on “The Doctor, the Nurse
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partition, being entirely isolated. The other room in the cooler for sheep and swine also
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create a section within the Missouri State Medical Asso-
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* pail of disinfectant solution into which he thrusts his knife before
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made in the hanging room by ample artificial light.
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methods of treating alcohol and narcotic addiction that, by the
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England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the administrative
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the system adopted in such abattoirs and the methods which make it possible for the
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tions of time and bellows capacity all extraordinary and extreme cases may be
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The packer tells the inspector the cans contain meat, and the label is put on. During
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“With reference to your Committee’s recommendation on a
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THEELIN is available as theelin aqueous suspension in ampoules of 1 mg. ( 10,000 I.U.),
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were received the work of formulating rules to govern the work of
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Sebsss III. — Transfusion from a splenectomized dog into a normal dog.
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Range of prices, per hundredweight, of cattle at Chicago and Omaha in 1906, t^
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surrounded by some adhesions; it is small and shrunken in appearance
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New England, New England J. Med. 237:610-615 (Oct. 23)
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bers of the Board of Directors of this organization. The
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Roast Beef or Roast Mutton, — May be used provided a description of the method of.
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igrhich such establishment is lockted. All yards, fences, pens, chutes, alleys, etc., belong-
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cured, or otherwise prepared, is intended for exportation to any foreign' country' kSS^^