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toxic state at times in certain cases, and the general

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is such a preparation, a powerful antiseptic, yet absolutely free from toxic or irri-

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body alkalinity, which precedes the diabetic coma and which is


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this portion of the cord and the portions above and below

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drogen, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorus, etc., in needed

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disease; in June, 947; August and September, 974; and

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eal — and quintessentially unified — one of M. Gus-

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Foster, S. B., Acting Assistaiu Surgeon. Granted fifteen

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ject of preventive measures we must, naturally, turn

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calibre of the vessels is regulated and therefore the

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resistance is a large factor in determining the result

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moderately. The motility was not markedly affected.

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er, Joseph L. Siner, .\lleyne von Schrader, William T.


practices resulting- from a superstition so obviou.sly

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were 151 deaths from pulmonary tuberculosis, 153 from

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Treatment. Ice cap on abdomen, liquid diet, hot vaginal

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which the general anaesthesia secured by ether will

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method is decidedly more efficacious than the older

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cause of the anatomical relations of the vessels ex-

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It is primarily and solely a safeguard for the com-

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the result of nervous disease, and yet the disturb-

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advisability of destroying all stray ones as a menace

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In making stool examinations other parasites were al-

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by the film described in my former paper {Nezc York

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value of iodine. He states that we possess in iodine

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The Ck)mwall Sanitarium Is conducted on a genuine home plan.

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power, and also increase the stability of the combi-