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tagium of the disease incubating in their systems " (Lingard). Dr.

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Dr. Bryce's office at 10.30 a.m., August 4th, with Drs. Macdonald,

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physicians, nurses and bedding, and to well airing the

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On dissection, spasmodic movements of the voluntary muscles,

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inches is all that is needed in most cases of ovari-

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since, during some of which, her husband says, she has been very violent in her

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more unified organization. Several years ago the AMA

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Pittsburgh, where he was then sojourning, and had found him

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they whittled away with the toraa'nawks with remarkable

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them or bury them in capacious coffins filled with quick-

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favorable soil for this bacillus, in case it finds its way to

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He was a man strong in his ideas of right, persistent and tireless in his advocacy of

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Loss of temperature during 65 minutes after death, 8° C, 14o.4 F.; loss of temperature each

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to find substances which will act on the nerves and the blood,

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blood of diabetic patients ? But in this sheep the conclusion

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do nine-tenths of tradesmen subscribe to hospitals,

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< Domestic Tntelliffence.—Biologictil Society . 76

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ployes are divided into two classes. Engineers, firemen, and brakemen

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of lunatics was 22,602 ; idiots, 2,840. The idiots in-

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lowed the access of fever ; in phthisis there is not, in intermittent

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all theaters combined. In the Pacific there is a slightly higher

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ideal example for the carrying out of these means, and,

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four or six hours, but all the fresh air you can. After that time, you give a

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the cardiac irregularity. Very frequently the use of

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using colchicin with care in cases of gout in which the kidneys

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attempting to expel its contents mechanically or with the help of the