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In the use of sedatives we must be cautious and not use them ad libitum. The

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or common duct; it is also produced by infection of the ducts.

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marks, but he had not confirmed them himself by dissection. Mr. Clogg

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8.45 a. m. Temp. 104 ; pulse 170; resp. 50; moaning and raising

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blood cell. The phenolsulphonephthalein excretion on March 2 was 36 per cent,

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(Pabkes, L a). In the spring of 1643, while the Earl of Essex

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The second route was southward along the coast from one sea-port to

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vanced, will explain the transformation of the usual plantar reflex into Babinski's

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chamber = 1 to 2 c.c, and in the fourth ventricle = 0'5 to 1 c.c.

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» Klebs : Verhand. des Zweiten Congres f. In. Medecin. 1883.

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Report on Poor Law Medical Relief, by Dr. J. C. M'Vail, pp. 42-43, and the

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inflamed parts are peculiarly sensitive to their influence.

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transacting business in a bank, had an apoplectic seizure, followed by

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The Autolysis of Nitrogenous Compounds of the Blood Serum in

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