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a watchman, aged sixty, was found dead standing in the basin of the

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their honour to perform. " What, then, do you strike against ^

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operation. From an unyielding desire to undergo the painful ordeal

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work. One week ago, when waking in the morning, found his feet

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Columbia. Yearly Subscription, $8.00. Single Number 75c.

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(5) The X-ray as a Therapeutic Agent in Malignant Diseases. By Dr.

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of the knee, the leg never completely extended, the weight

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solution of the nitrate of silver alone will sometimes be sufficient

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floated up, and suffocation results. The presence of water is

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He contributed much to the adyancement of gynajcology

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to be complicated by peritoneal tuberculosis; thus in 584 cases of hepatic

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Etwlogy. — The disease seems to be endemic to hot countries and

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cussion of this subject we refer our readers to the August

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BrighVs Disease, Endocarditis and Aneurism of the Coronary Ar-

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at the proper time, made a post-mortem examination, and verified

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of Alabama will be placed in the mail to the membersh^

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fessional gentlemen, whom we furnished with the salt in question, or who

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suppuration occurs, it is good practice to check the formation of pus,

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of the Chesty 0. M. Page in his third edition of A Handbook of