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stiffered some injury, like an apoplectic clot, which destroyed their

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lessly undermanned for war, and, by a properly organised reserve sys^

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permanent deafness. Any mental exertion may bring on an attack,

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1892. Dr. Chantemesse has been led by the results of his in-

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courages me to beg a little space to suggest in briefest outline

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Now, this case might easily have been mistaken for epilepsy^ but

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open, that the number of corpses buried in each has varied

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The first 91 pages are from the pen of Professor Leopold him-

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deemed an unreasonably high standard of general education,

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ture of the body is lowered to 96*^ or even 95® F. All vital fimctions

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that he slept in her house for two nights five days previous to the first

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office. But in addition to the many valuable scientific com-

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taries: F. P. WiGHTWicK, M.D., 5, Curlew Street, Horsley-

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the necessity for the exercise of great care in olitaining water

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good sign of improvement in such a case when his head acts naturally

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dislocation of the head of the humerus into the axilla, or from falls or

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that the drug had a high solvent action on uric acid, and he

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metabolism which may be excreted by the kidneys and even form

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and has become severe in the province of SaratoS. The epi-

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January 1st, 1S9G, lists of medical practitioners whom they

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in a stream of water. This appearance Koch regards as so

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ot sound mind. The craving to excite terror, cause pain,

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in an elderly person should be promptly followed by an examinatirjn of

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heaping up to form the rupia syphilitica. The base increases in size,

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demics it may become very contagious, and it almost always prevails

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allowed the air to enter the pleural cavity until the lung was entirely

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x-.r/.:.-- "'^^ "-^'^' ■';:^^^ a^.,^ nart as if the\' were desperately bent

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and orders as to the making of proper exceptions, and it was

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costs, being what are termed party and party costs,

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a day, taken untU the usual advent of the disease in August; the result

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I)liysiological experimentation nor from pathological investigation has

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tail forms two turns of a spiral. The adult female measures 155 mm.

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headache complained of grows worse just before a storm, when you

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the special committee for the able manner in which they conducted the

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the floor of his surgery. Life was extinct. His face was

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injection 500,000,000 of dead bacteria are used. Ten days later

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hours to several weeks. In my experience it occurs oftenest in chil-

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muscles fail to oxidize it the sugar accumulates in the blood until it is