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121. An eight-year-old gelding, left in hospital i6th May, 18

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port me. I am compelled, by the very objectionable mode of election

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ladies should lose no time in consulting him. — New York Journal.

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has been since placed on the retired list, because of his unwillingness,

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oration was instituted. The part played by light in the formation of

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usual \v.ay. Dr. Fox stated that he had so frequently performed similar

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On the fifth day the dressing was renewed. I changed the gauze

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of intermittency being usually due to myocarditis, it is often accom-

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compress dressing of cotton wool kept in position by three bandages.

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On the 29th July, 1892, a third goat was subcutaneously and intra-

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the production of tuberculous antitoxins in the bodily fluids of these

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to the affection named by Trousseau "tetany". As Dr. Wilks ob-

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to little or no advantage, and had almost given up all hopes of ever getting

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ing haemorrhage here ; and Dr. Patton had only seen one case in which

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and applying glanders pus obtained from the horse, were treated

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Under the name of mucous degeneration of the turbinated bones,

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were then easily removed with forceps. The large ticks touched with

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an entire absence of any indication of nervous disturbance. The girl

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(4) Extension of the disease to the lower tarsal joints, and invasion of

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position on the back, we have an efficient means of keeping the air out

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Atttopsy. — The castration wounds were granulating throughout.

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questions". When more than one speaker has indulged in language

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JERSEY GENERAL DISPENSARY— Resident Visiting and Dispensing Officer :

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colder than the left, though they had been wrapped up and fomented to

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animals should at once be placed as far as possible from the healthy.

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was dilated ; the lips of the tricuspid valves were thickened and

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from being the very foremost thing. But after all this

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dorso-lumbar region eczema often extends over very large spaces, and

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bleeding, application of large mustard plasters to the chest and

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gards treatment; for it is then that we may hope — in the case of

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tially paralysed. It almost immediately passed a little thick, viscous,

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sulted many physicians, but with very httle relief. The Heart Regulator and Blood

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tality from small-pox does not maintain the tendency to diminution