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of $5,000 for its increase. The Eye and Ear Infirmary, and other charities, are open to

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they include the rashes occurring, according to them, fairly regularly

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infection. The majority do not cough or if they produce

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and of urine as before. The grasp of the right hand was

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Have we in this group one disease or two or more? Many workers are

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is frequently rendered very difficult by the presence of urates. In such

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testine, there was enlargement, but no ulceration, of

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treatment, and is the only operation that does, [c.a.c]

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There are no unpleasant gastric or intestinal symptoms : the bowels are

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an abundant serous infiltration, which has taken place into the

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disguises, is not a legal substitute for the practice of medicine

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far too few of them know the facts about the immediate health benefits of quitting.

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consider the immediate operation to be the ideal therapy

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bed for a month or six weeks after the operation, the latter

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Building, Lexington, KY 40536-0086; (606) 233-5161.

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ceed when all other experiments have failed." This prac-

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and bruises. To obtain the diploma of master barber-surgeon, it

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Of all systems with which he is acquainted, he con-

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H. H. SHERWOOD'S Successors, 102 Chambers st. New York,

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have pervaded the anterior portion of the urethra only,

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cartilage relatively increases. 2. Encroachment of the medullary space

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back of the head and down the spine. Since the onset

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vertebral column which corresponds to the origin of the

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dren, this did not happen in my experience, as by far

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action of antitoxic treatment, the importance of early administration

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cells suggests the probability that thrombokinase set free by dis-

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sphygmograph. If, for example, each pulse-wave correspond to i of a second

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the abdomen with tincture of iodine, should be tried at the same time.

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534 TJie Boston Society for Medical Improvement. [November 2,

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tates his work in nasal and throat treatment. Two thousand

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1. That fibromata of the ovary occur earlier and in relatively greater

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(b) Liaison Committee with Hospital Medical Staffs:

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24. Do all you can to inspire confidence in the physician ; never make a suggestion to him in

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