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guinea pig killed three or four Aveeks after intraperitoneal injection

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followers ascribe it to the irritation of a specific animalcule, the acarus

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trations. Vol. I. General Therapeutic Considerations, Pre-

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serpent in North America. The family of moccasin snakes (Colluber)

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our wish for thorough instruction is limited to the lol-

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Your readers are already famiUar with the admirable

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The case is one of true septicajuiia following a local

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but which for private reasons I have not detailed here, stimulants and

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themata (e. g,, measles) ; hence in a household in which there are several diOdm,

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<Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt, v. 31 (17), 29. Mai, Ret, p. 543.

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which prevent its eff'ect from being represented in the apex

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able diligence and care in presenting his results in the

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test. According to Malfatti, lactose may be detected by mixing the urine with half

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remaining to the credit of this appropriation at the close of

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KoRRis ; Dr. Aitken ; Dr. F. J. Brown; The Registrar op

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anti-tetanic serum administered to every wounded man. The

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pathology or indications for treatment. It has been clearly and de-

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different vesicles in the same case not infrequently present the characters

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the cautery, he advises etherization. He states that he has resorted to

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who died in that city on July 18, was born in West-

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destroying the auditory apparatus, produces caries of the tem-

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respiratory tract in birds, and rabbits may be infected by feedini^.

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The upper point (see E, Fig. 2) is situated above the patella

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vagina is not an antiseptic to be relied on. Water from

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On March 23d, about four weeks after the receipt of

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be ejected; 3'et, although the disorder may continue for a long time, tlie

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ern established cities ten years is not a long time to wait for

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chest nearly resumed its normal form. In so far, therefore, as the lesion con-