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that on the rest of the scalp, but in all of these I consider it is
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Opium. One or two doses a day are usually sufficient. Opium is
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iij, every hour for four hours ; every four hours afterward
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time to time transported, and there properly cared for. These
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transmitted to the spinal marrow. The tetanus observed sometimes
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effusive in their spoken words of thanks and gratitude.
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Hospital among adults, who can give their own history clearly, is
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Cancer is most frequently epithelial, of pavement form at the anus,
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tating operation upon the respiratory organs, are stone-masons,
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carefully with dry blankets. Neither the portion of the thorax above
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ordinary combination of chloralhydrate (gr. w) with ammonium
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a rigidity and soreness of the abdominal muscles; pain in
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plant. It is allowed to percolate for a week or ten days, so as to
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spinal anesthesia to insure complete muscular relaxation and
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and medical students should take timely warning and not be induced
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prove under the treatment adopted ; the countenance
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the erroneous nature of this opinion, and proved, " that a
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and dextrine in a mixture of the three bodies. But the
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and wrist, and afterward his foot and ankle — for periods of eight and
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!■' Journal of Anatomu and PhyHology , 1882 and 1889.
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Uuund-" (p. OS). It I- .)..-ir.,l.i . hi.u. ...T. t.. -iinini.iri.,. hcT.-.
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9. Ross, R. A. : Late toxemias of pregnancy ; the number one