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tion, fracture of the sacrum ligiires as the least frequent

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with eyes closed, in spite of the diminished tactile sensi

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animolcular parasite called the acarus folliculorum inhabits the hair folli-

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cannot be bandaged. In such cases he first sprinkles glutol over, then

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were obtained from a cancer of the ovary, from a cancer

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He was then killed and found to be absolutely fat-free.

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During its long career the Journal has been singularly fortunate

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As time advances, the heart disease generally becomes

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mainly attributable to the circumstance that not only does pure oligo

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Allgemdm Bomd'apathiseke Zeitung, May 2, 16, 1907, Leipzig.

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mean time called in con>ultation. We considered tiie (piestion of gastr<»t-

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of Diphtheria in Vermont. Dr. S. applies the term diphtheria to all local affec-

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a high temperature, but again become active when the tem-

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during a violent fit of coughing, was seized and removed. It proved to be a

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work, a more free removal of the overlying skin, and a more frequent invasion

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"Twelfth.- — ^^That s;pecialists, established and

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of membrane come away. On both cornea^ there are small, pinhead, white

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epidemics of syphilis have since been observed, which have sometimes been

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the free flagellum seen in PI. 37, fig. 76 is possibly due in

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like a stimulant. Fifthly, the over-development of the

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otherwise can never be overestimated. If North Carolina, in common with the

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crepitation, elicited without extension and counter-extension ; and

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offered by Mrs. Christian, presenting her with a “Builder

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medical journals elaborate accounts of the indications for

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tained its ground in spite of the ridicule of satirists,* and the

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Owned and Operated by the University of North Carolina

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ziehiingeii des Silioi ;;an.s v.n allgeiiieiiieii Eikraiil<niigeii

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of exclusion by quarantines, seem to have been of late

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severe cold with almost the grip symptoms. This I con-

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anemia. The following table is significant as indicating the effect

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local glandular recurrence. The others were alive and well,

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lial scales become entangled, and present to the naked eye a white film.

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Sidney E. Johnson, MD, Marshfield, 1987 / 1992-1995,

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lory disturbance it accounts for chronic urticaria, and for

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