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the inspiration of Dr. Wilmer Worthington, who was its third

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These variations from the normal bacillus of the colon

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If benzine can prove fatal in doses of an ounce, it is certain that the

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nation and its occasional reactions. Is there any modification possible to

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necessary occasionally to resort to other forms. The man-

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dangerous, as it induces inexperienced or careless physicians to treat

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the lungs are not passive in respiration, following merely in their

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unusual appearance whatever — an important fact, considering that it is

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peculiar condition of one or other ovary, generally the left. He states :

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of the bill were that no garbage should be thrown into

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authorities, may produce data regarding animal diseases,

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viously boiled, and make up to a litre with distilled water. The meoni

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are similar to those which attend equivalent alterations iu the intensity of ordi-

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pyaemia, erysipelas, and '* hospital gangrene'' are by no means the

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dency of which is chiefly pathological, is meeting with

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born in the Dublin Lying-in Hospital during his mastership, and Zohrer, of

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surprisingly low for a disease commonly considered so

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in which catarrhal symptoms may also play a prominent role. I

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8. Finally, in a further experiment, in which tadpoles were fed

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of fourteen years had diphtheria eight years before, with extensive exudate,

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developing into a University, women were allowed to study law — at

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cian, serving his term in the Charite Hospital. He turned

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day was unusually warm and the degree of humidity re-

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should almost olways be avoided because of increased risk of congenital