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at the laboratory, and at times, when the post of the Chemical Analyser
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patient made a good recovery. She had previously had six children.
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It is a curious fact, and bears out the old saying that " there
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sigmoid flexure was found contracted and empty. On following this up
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mission to do nothing has been turned to account, with
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to hold the printer's devil responsible for the eccentricities
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Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorflelds, 8 p.m.— Mr. A. Stanford
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the Koch Institute in Berlin, and other great bacteriological
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responsible for the interpretation of the curves, by saying in
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ctassh, public charity, cremation are all lucidly dealt with in
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After quoting from several authorities to show the similarity
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by actual cautery of the skin overlying it had of recent years
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ing or conclusions upon which the recommendations of the
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appeared that no medical attendant had been called in during
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a wide road to the old doctrine of the " generatio asquivoca,"
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tions or infiltration, though cases of this class were sub-
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so prominent in former epidemics. At Highgate the health officer for
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election which has just taken place in Spain, ten medical
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K. F. ADiMS, 'VI.B. ; C. G D McssE, F.R C.S I. ; A. B. Cottell, F.R CS.
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this assumed dispensing power which we dispute as having
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diurnal temperature. The use of sea voyages in the treatment
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Mb. Alexander WHEEr.EK (Darlington), writes under date of February
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Bastian observes in his preface that "if we are to arrive at a
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himself, and with this view we have placed at his disposal
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the article entitled " Wanton Waste of Life" in the Wnitehall Rrvieic of
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paupers had to triT^t entirely to the liberality and good-
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which, in the strictest sense, is the vital part, until Flourens
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25,000; and that they have had three mouths' clinical instructions regard-
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Alsterdof with 575, the Central Prison with 1,100, the
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Edgar Willett, a congenital cystic adenoma. It resembles in
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opinion he expressed as the result of a rather wide ex-
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'1 Virchow's Archie, February 1891 and February 1892.
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cut down upon the femoral vein, inserted into it the nozzle
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corners of I he British Isles, Oban is in the van of progress, as becomes
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lower. The passengers used the water for bathing purposes
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ing in October is briefly the following, as is shown by a dia-
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ethical Pharisaism in it," we nevertheless fail to comprehend his as-
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power of the netting may suffice to cause the melted lead and
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cases as these may be described as latent gastric ulceration.
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was performed by Furneaux Jordan's method. On February
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According to Mr. Scott, the three great agencies in tlie pre-