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through his first bath. The midwife evidently had anaes
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metallic quality simulating somewhat the bleating of a goat Laennecs
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by Forbes he the orthodox disciple stopped to listen
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disease was greatest during the papular stage. It became
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reviewed cases reported in the literature most of them
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cxinveyance of sick and injured patient infectious cases e.tcepted to and
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divided vagus a similar lesion of the peripheral end caus
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statement by the attending physician justifying the
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plicated to reveal futurity. At such a period it may be easily
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occupy a large portion of the earth s surface for considerable
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gramme of cocaine in cacao butter. He used them in two cases
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The syphilitic virus may participate in producing indurations and
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lished case was recently presented with demonstration of the specimen
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these cases were also the ones of longest duration.
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develops at the spot touched by ammonia and a blue round the soda
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that in almost every case the disease commenced as coryza and that the
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to Doctors Rand Jr. Jarvis Appleton Waterhouse Warren and
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death ensued. The suggestion is offered whether it would not have
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containing bacteria are called septic and infective. A sep
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he had been doing and with unmistakable evidences about him
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ments for the frame was very much approved by the Section.
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ventricle. In the study by Audrey of cases of porencephalus hemiplegia
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omas developed suddenly on the face neck hands and arms. Ander
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were so decomposed as to be unfit for examination. Out of
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dress to the graduates was delivered by Professor Thomas B.
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physematous. The pericardium contained oz. of straw coloured
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their defe fls have been called broken difunited or
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that tuberculosis is not necessarily a fatal disease.
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istic. On the other hand a stapes fixation from exten
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displaced outwards. The soft tissues were extensively lacerated but the only
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Demonstrations and laboratory work. Asst. Professors Tyzzer and
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Aseafostida Dose in substance eight or ten grains in tincture three
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physical and muscular development merits support. On
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