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Treatment. The most important aspect of treatment is prophylaxis.
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on; sometimes he could wash it forwards by a gulp or two of
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uous cooling of the skin. That is, physiologically, there are advan-
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of phimosis; prepuce edematous ; profuse purulent discharge; complain-
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Dr. ]Morand(7;/) recommends the cauterization, l»y solid nitrate of
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twenty years ago. The most frequently occurring conditions
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of proto- and deutero-albumoses as peptonuria, others, employing the
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On the morning following the operation, ; she lost altogether about three pints and a
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months at the same season of the year in two consecutive
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Overdosage; Immediately hospitalize patient. Tfeat symptomatically and supportively.
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easily cleared if anything obnoxious is brought in. Furthermore,
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