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showed me an enlarged parotid gland of the right side, and wished

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foetid exhalation from the skin ; her appetite failed, and the

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Secretary, Ed. C. McClees, Elm City, Med. Coll. of Va., 1917 1920 1920

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visible traces; it is often indulged in till pain has replaced the intense

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essentially fugacious ; and, although at first general, they tend to become

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the odour of the expired air, — hydrogen-monosulphide, etc.

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mixture in preference to all forms of so-called patent

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ravages in America, and especially in the Southern States, in

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fer hoars and three days. The symptoms of invasion present consider-

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Among the affections are primary putrefaction of the

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produced by organic disease of the heart. So all these affections were

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two examples of it within the last year ; the first was a young gentle-

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destructive to valves. He has employed this method in twenty-

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in contemporary letters before the beginning of the six-

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and the diseases among the troops were briefly con-

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The subject of organization is, to use a common ex-

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health must be attended to; rest is indicated; constipa-

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ensues. The same result occurs when agents exert an influence

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is the district to which this vessel is distributed, or some part of that

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of the respiration points it out to the physician ; in some cases

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active progress within the precincts of the Hospital ; secondly,

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formalin solution, as suggested by Barrows, has not

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The influence of cold has been alluded to by Dr. Abercrombie, and you

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zer"s apparatus, or by the employment of the catheter. AVhatever plan be

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the first case in which an elevation of temperature occurred but once.

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tremely frequent and often intensely painful affection, Prof. S. treats of under

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effects of oxygen when exposed to light or heat, in the property of retaining the

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in mind. The children resulting Irom the union of the