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the uniformity of the proportions even in regard to those accidents which,

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physicians in private practice would require to use them but seldom, as sup-

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that I had lo deal with the entire parotid, and proceeded accordingly. The

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be satisfied with a vaginal operation. If, on the contrary, he

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the two pictures, which is in some cases very great, the object is still seen

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hopeful. 6. Like congenital dislocation of the hip, these cases,

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interests it has been necessary for the state to add another

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the agonies of active labour, foreseen to be certainly unavailing, may have

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fined to her bed ; attempts to walk at times, but it gives her severe pain;

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on putrid animal exhalations, and on exstrophy of the bladder.

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leucocytosis found in many of the infectious diseases,

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been published in the last number of Miiller's Archiv. fiir Anatomie und

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to every one, even to his nearest and dearest relations. Although it is only

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exudate. The blood-vessels of the dura and pia were throm-

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was incinerated. Such portions of the tissue as were preserved

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ened; but the lower portion, near ihe cauda equina, was, on the contrary,

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•Mongol and Hindoo races, among whom hysteria is relatively

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point of particular importance, we should cut the sutures out at the end of

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the Lungs : Their Etiology, Pathology and Treatment, with a

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sides, the ophthalmic ganglion is fairly connected with the rest of the

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semilunar valves. The only symptom observed in one case of

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inflammation from the elbow and shoulder, until total loss of voice ensued

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with cephalalgia and difficulty of deglutition. The patient died suddenly a