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heated, an equal part of nitric acid to be added, and
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tracheotomy contain 510 cases of tracheotomy, with 217 deaths, or
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The patient has made an uninterrupted, though slow, recovery, and
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"Why is it that in railway accidents passengers who are dread-
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Classified advertisements of a professional nature are free to members.
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suffer no injury from this contact of pure chloroform
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dilatation, the valves still remain capable of closing perfectiy, in con-
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243. Treatment of Diarrhoea in Infants. Dr. K. Weiser 272
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* Baillar^ : Enqu£te sur le Gottre et le Cretinisme, 1873. * Loc cit.
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perature and pulse for several weeks. W'iiether appen-
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President Cleveland, with regard to contagious bovine
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for these two disorders, will ascertain the equal safety and advan-
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Mya: "Ueber die Pathogenese der dip. Bronchopneumonie," " Wien. med. Blatt.,"
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length of the uterine cavity had been reduced from 14 to 12^
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than we otherwise could do, if we only diluted them with water. They
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early diagnosis in cases of general paresis. If the cases of sus-