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in the army or navy during the late war, and all who were
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kiang, China, noticed marked immunity from the disease
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persist, a fatal ending is, after no long interval, inevitable. The cases in
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inasmuch as the committee have some suggestions to make in
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The Placement Service of the State Medical Society has registered with it a number of spe-
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face, showing imperfect aeration of the blood, is not seen in atropia
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of blood in the body steadily decreases ; the mucous membranes
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should be carefully sutured, and from thirty to sixty grains
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with a short tube, but the smoker inhaling the smoke ; (7) tobacco
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Friok, C. B., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon, to rank
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detect any sounds that were distinctive. I advised waiting, telling her
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under the sigmoid were entirely isolated from all other
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text. Price 315. 6d. Vol. II., pp. xxiv., 1365, with 449 Illustrations in the text.
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subject has the faintest idea of the extent to which he employs
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The 1^ are covered by flannel drawers and the feet by warm woollen
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cardiac s\Tnptoms appear, the result of widespread involvement
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The vulva, abdomen, and thighs are scrubbed with green
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noticeable symptom in all ordinary cases of this disease is the rash, and it
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the presence of an enlarged and nodular gall-bladder, and the early