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to 39.5° C. The physician hesitated in his diagnosis of

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nine, etc., can never bring about the process of metabolic equilibrium. What Nature

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ciling the results of clinical observations with certain general prin-

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limping or other consequent disability, such as would

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to recognize this fact, only for the conditions in which

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solution carbolic acid. Rapid decrease of fever and local inflammatory symptoms. Drainage-

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proved of great value, and have relieved an immense amount of suffering;

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1 incl. HD: 632.-1 "Hosp Overseas, Bed Status." (2)

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not be allowed to go unrelieved longer than three months, as

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cause exudates, pressure increases the pain the longer it is

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not to be weapons ; and injuries produced by them, however severe, were

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work. One week ago, when waking in the morning, found his feet

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ders and their Treatment. From the second London edition. In one handsome Tolame,

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direct motor tracts which connect the cerebral cortex with the

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logical therapeutics, has escaped the era of hypothesis and

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purchased anywhere, and since the labels on the containers either have

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Martinique, 1 in 28 ; Bombay, 1 in 20 ; Havana, 1 in 33 ; Roman

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Liniment, Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia, and the Muci-

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export much more carbonic acid during the day than they im-

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Salts of Manganese in Chlorosis.— In the "Reportoire de Pharmacie," Dr.Hannon re-

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fined, are included, making the volume as up to date as

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ment. If, however, a few moments of rest intervene, or some sudden obstacle

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sues its centrifugal course (ery theme centrifuge) . These appearances

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he has any appetite for or can digest. The alternative that presents

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Oxalate of lime calculus. In this condition the most important factor

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he would one of intricate disease, and, after observing, formulate his diag-

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In spite of the advantage of good Jenner's preparations, the author states that

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while under the influence of chloroform for the purpose

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alkali, given between meals, correcting the acidity in the resid-