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Gut scrapings: Refers to the mucous membrane lining of the intestines that is
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Symptoms. — After a period of incubation of at least 3
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the ductus hepaticus and its branches to the capillaiy gall-ducts. The
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degree, it is a common incident of the disease in children. Bheumatie
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• Rapid test results for faster diagnosis and treatment
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fifteen, while mitral stenosis is not uncommon in young adults. This suggests
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0-4 to 0-5 ft, in breadth. It can be stained only at its ends, and increases
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gauze are applied, covering in several inches on the thigh
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prises a series of definite varieties (struma lymphatica, cystica, ossea, vas-
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immediate reduction, rcg.ardless of spasm, blebs, extravasation
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We have here a bad case of bow-legs. This child is only two
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the brain generally anaemic. There was no previous history to
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tion, etc., are all covered with careful, complete details.
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tissue with the lingers or by pinching it between the
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53 were operated upon by the author, 1 by Mr. Nunn, and 1 by Mr. Harper. Of
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