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ness upon pressure. There is a great desire for cold drinks,

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Dr. Starr said that the matter of psychical blindness had

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the resistance of bacteria or the activity of any disinfectant.

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knee joint in a case of pyaemia; 3, from pus in the mastoid cells in a case of

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tum tarsi, I exposed, by a careful dissection, the entire of the

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circulation, and increases the urinary, salivary, biliary, and cutaneous

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shedding of the nails, spontaneous ecchymoses, and sweating of blood. To

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tim, and his case was accounted the severest of the season.

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vaccinated in the first instance, or were i vaccinated cases was 56, or 34.78 per cent. ;

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mediately concerned in the harbouring of the cercarean or pupal

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mains of the New River Company. It was constructed about

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have been forced to the conclusion that it is practically

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two-per-cent. spray of menthol and applications of a fifty-

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disease as in an acute affection ; still, it is quite as possible

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and these, mocked by the ineffectual efforts for their relief, consign the poor

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mutual helpfulness must be so manifest, that no one shall feel that

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intact the important ball of the great toe, would be equally-

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the blood is excreted by the serous membranes, but in small quantity. The time varies

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and sixteen days. After convalescence he gained twenty-

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stituent of sea-sponge, it also began to be given with remarka-

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is an indication of health, and a preparation enough for the work

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some years that it was a discovery of my own, until I made a thorough

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ing occurs and the presence of a foreign body is sus-

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nervous system. These phenomena may be said to constitute the patho-

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avoid the confusion: e. g., "rossania." "rossalia," "robelia," and "rubi-

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every second day. Before cutting the sutures have the

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divides in rapid succession, and thus arise a large number of nuclei each of

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moval. The patient on whom this operation was pcrfcrmed

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The poison-glands are similar in structure to the salivary glands, and

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in the pains of labour. Similar, but much feebler waves of contraction

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of a hazlenut. Frequently in this form there is pres-

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Proud. Flesh- — Apply, a few times, either of the fol-

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Death of Mrs. J. Karion Sims. — Eliza Theresa Sims,

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ligated, requiring scarcely five minutes, all the blood left in the abdomen, and

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attention to the onset of lobar caseous pneumonia with marked cyanosis in the