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a higher degree of professional knowledge before they could be enti-
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labor pains, which progressed favorably for several hours, when
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times, it is the rectum itself which protrudes with all its mem-
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priety of applying it to the skin beyond, and not over the affected
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muscles are now brought in contact with Poupart's ligament all
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mode of treatment, so as either to cure or considerably relieve his
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quently accumulates in the veins that convey it to the lungs
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cases it may be expedient to wait ' till the acute period of the
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interviews on two several days, the first of three quarters of an hour, the
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u drain upon the system," but rather depend upon an excess of
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But the great good which the National Association is accomplish-
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and secretion — and even beyond this, of perception and
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richly provided with nerves than any other of its class, or in fact
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Obviously enucleation is here the proper treatment ;
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from it. I will briefly relate a few of the most striking cases.
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the gum acacia of the pharmacopoeia, is worthy of notice. The
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Some patients suffer only during the expulsion of feces or
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position diminishes the varicosity. That nothing which can
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sion has but few advocates at the present day. and is confessedly
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taining, however, an intimate sensation of the fact that we are only think-
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whatever belongs to style, to philosophy and learned argumentation,
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Prior to this time, the mind of the patient had been remarka-
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1st. the effects produced by the vapour of chloroform
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rate ; and a few cases are also accompanied by the formation of a
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voice forever gone, the staff and tottering gait are but a mocking
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himself about with little difficulty, and his behaviour
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tor before the secretory effect ? Is it philosophical? Not at all.
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volumes will be Three Dollars per year. If paid in advance, the terms will remain
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not by any exercise of the gradual returning regularity of thought, but
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thus), and if time is allowed for its development (less being re-
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lates is not a localized, not a propelling, but an attracting
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that venesection in these typhoid cases promises little. But here
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spinal system, is excited and reflex ; that is, an impression is
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frequently in middle-aged patients, rare in children; spirits varia-
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more " volatile," more free in respiration, and able to ascend high moun-
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ordered a decoction of uva ursi to act upon the urinary organs.
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gents, in the exercise of a discretion assumed to be conferred, I have thought