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of the joint. This must be done by constantly keeping

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striction found in the colon, and the abdomen was collapsed.

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crowded yellowish-white flowers sometimes three or four feet

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overcome by a liberal use of the Saline Laxative. During fever

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^ When I speak of deep rectal examination, I mean introduction

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ations result much too frequently that are not followed by

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would naturally conclude that the diaphragm is lined with a

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certain other inflammations, for example, pneumonitis or plenritis, becaase

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duced. In a similar way, the head of the child separ-

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caused. The greatest improvement in the state of his intel-

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Walsh, James J., M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., Sometime Dean and Professor of Functional

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we have at our disposal a definite physiologic remedial agent.

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sia, strontia, protoxide of iron, ditto of manganese, alumina,

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met's membrane uppermost. The preparation thus obtained is

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mormon), and Hartley's P. polyzonum from an African python,

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scars about the shoulders and back, which are stated

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pregnancy are numerous : violent exertions of strength, lifting

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der the electric treatment the costiveness invarial>ly

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Before the insufficiency, the amount expelled per beat from the

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body. 20. Fourth cervical nerve. 21, 21. Left recurrent laryngeal nerve. 22.

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trated by the history of the case that I have just given you. They

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Nine English residents at Boulogne were formed into a com-

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2. On the Heat of Fluidity, or Latent Heat of Animal Bodies, — Dr. B.

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uate of Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia in