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obesity. But diet and exercise are safer and in the long
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case of justice to these gentlemen that, in making out our
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better methods of teaching. Subsequent visits fully justified the hold-
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Koranyi himself, and Kovesi-Roth in similar instances observed it
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disease advances by rapid strides. The breathing is hurried, and
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glands, is not as common as lymphatic transmission.
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own protracted action, he expects to jield up his spirit without a pain or
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lished in the abstract of sanitary reports received by him during the
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These lymphatic vessels contain valves to prevent the fluid from
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appeared to be unchanged in structure. He is nevertheless ini
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Good men have tried it and failed, partly, we suspect, from
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angle of the jaw, those necessarily which correspond to the tonsil
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tropics. P'resh meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, sup-
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new material is in italic. The Constitution and By-
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by the typhoid bacillus. Also many slight illnesses designated as gastric
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hot months to introduce into the milk a small quan-
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Also: Canada M. Rec, Montre,il, 1884-5, xiii, 2. — Bern>
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He adduced other facts to demonstrate its contagious
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medical societies in the ]\Iiddlesex South district
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appetite lor tainted, was as keen as it had been before for sweet
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heel is drawn upward and inward, and the foot is bent in-
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camphor, the use of sinapisms, cold etiusion, etc., etc.,
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the sensory reflex impulses in one group of ganglion-cells directly to
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cavities of the body." He asserts that the tumors can by
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If all who engage in the cultivation of the science of medicine be
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demarcation between cornea and sclerotic not well defined in sec-
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into its own hands all the power of the CouncU, and he moved
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notes relative to the history of the accident at the time.
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for a student to be qualified to practise midvvitery after
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Deliquescence. — The property of some salts of becoming liquid