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external oblique muscle parallel with its fibers. The
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What reparation can you make to me and my family? — Nathan
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gical and Gyniccological Society."] — The Pathology of Ectopic Preg-
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muscles of the paralyzed right leg and arm were absolutely
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kansas M. Soc, Little Rock. If97. viii. 143-150. — Elischer
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injury (in six out of fourteen cases collected by Roger, death followed
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be placed frankly among those treated with quinin. In September, 1908,
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with the anterior segment an acute angle termed the knee, as seen in
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several years past, especially during the last few years, it has undergone
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so far have held the field, e.g. curettage and the acetone and zinc
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ment which insures the patient's future and eliminates the possible
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ing which would be otherwise too small to allow the surgeon to carry out plain
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poultice, lay to the sore, it purgeth it; the decoction
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But the reverse was the case, for in addition to a dislocation of the hip, she had
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by Dr Katz on the influence of lime on the vitality of typhoid
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or gravel in the bladder; the application of fly blisters or tur-
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of erysipelas upon malignant tumors is an established
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especially in cases of general paralytic dementia. An inflammatory origin
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fore, at present nothing further to say of the New London affair
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a cascade that they called the Falls of Wazi Oju; a few weeks later this claim
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Royal College of Schgeons, 4 p.m. A Lecture, by Professor Huxley.
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by the gastrocnemius, but on the contrary, favor them. If all the muscles are
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starch, whereby a large amount of hydro-carbon is excreted. Of the bile
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Fig. 2.) There is an aneurysmal bulging of the vessel wall at the site of the
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On the scalp it is very common, but little noticed, except
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some cases it may be impossible to distinguish between the two diseases
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2. The second kind of obstruction to the passage of the bile is that
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(p. 158). He found also that it prolonged the disease 3 days (p. 160).
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sequences to women, very few would wilfully expose a wife to
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causes, as old .age, protracted disease, sedentary and other debilitating