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" I am this morning hardly myself, owing to the insuppres-
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first part, divided into two chapters, treats of the gross anat-
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Officers of Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Tuber-
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says : " When we are able to make diagnosis of gall-stones,
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died last week at his home. His death resulted from
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Cedarburg, Koehler Insurance Agency, 245 N. Washington Av.
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machine. She had had previous attacks of peritonitis.
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Reportedly, Yohimbine exerts no significant influence on cardiac stimula-
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persons of weak circulation and low vaso motor tone.
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ingly regular, and only once or twice, for a day or two, did the color of
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These baths are constructed upon the best scientific principles, •whereby purified heated air
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affections of the eye and of the brain, most commonly, however, multiple
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and analysis. In the first place, the patient's weight should be accurately
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the necessary wearing out of a finite machine or the
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ered ice resurfacers and other gasoline powered ma-
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phere is rare, and where the pressure upon the surface of the body
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splint, previously prepared, was applied to the dorsal
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liary membranes, and suspected that this epithelium possessed a
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Legislatures have proved themselves efficient and use-
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experiments to ascertain the pathogenetic action of this suhstance> for
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normal. These two points are of the utmost importance, and
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sooth-sayers, and magicians, who used hypnosis as a means of
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little trouble, and after dark they are not met with. Ficalbi states,
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a plexus, from which its three great branches proceed to their
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Ma-4s., Medical ('lub (|)rivate); Cami)ridge, Mass., Society
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causes, as old .age, protracted disease, sedentary and other debilitating
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markably dry, and free firom hypostasis and oedema. The relaxed,
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The various methods of sweating are discussed under parenchymatous
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his feelimm so painfully excited. He passed his hand (which was a
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servation ; and I am inclined to include my case in the same cate-
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plant, which is indigenous to South America, and is called