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F(ETUS. — The young of any animal. The child in the womb,

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wider as they approach the placenta, and this, according to Galabin, is for

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daily. He found, with Trousseau, that iron, particularly in the case

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understanding the nature of the communications made to them,

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ence of gummata in the liver. These sometimes appear in new-born chil-

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ated per rectum, but the patient died. In two, spontaneous evacuation

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sels and moistened with alcohol. The extract is prepared by

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as to remoA-e the obstruction, in Avhich, after several ineffectual

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to do with a paralysis or a stimulation. We cannot say

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also were no traces of a vesical new growth. The urine, muddy

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too will find some things worth salvaging in the conven-

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in which catarrhal symptoms may also play a prominent role. I

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country, Colorado, with an elevation of over five thou-

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this complication may have been due to the discharge ob-

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the sixteenth century it had become a very popular thing

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involves a diathesis which may be either congenital or acquired. Of the

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(.T.) Typhoid fever. 'Brooklyn M. J.. 1900. xiv. 65-84.—

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April 15th. Says he feels better, and is now free from pain;

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bronchial catarrh." " Suffering severely from bronchitis." " Very un-

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Symptoms. Fibrinous bronchitis occurs in an acute and likewise

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7. Thompson JD, Diers D: Nursing resources. In Fetter RB, ed,

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phatic deposits may be present and cause the condition, but they can

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of those complications when they arise, and in conserving the activities of the

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cess of construction near that post; thence to Columbus Bar-