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and (2) the book by Dreyer, of Oxford, giving the results of care-

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directions : — (a) Into the larynx and trachea ; (5) into the nasal cavities,

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cloudy swelling (granular degeneration), sometimes of acute fatty degenera-

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nolphthalein solutfon and titrate the hot solution with

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sideration of some of the chief of them I have, therefore, limited

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law without exceptions, which, applied according to the assertion

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(4) Add 30 ml of ether, mix by stirring with a glass rod for

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fixed connective tissue cells, and the epithelioid cells from the endothelium.

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combination with other substances in media the bile

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(2) The volume of liquid must be kept constant at about 25

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ulcer about the size of a dime. The nodule was adherent to

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It is evident that an injury leads to necrosis partly by favouring or producing

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intense. And so the attack goes on, until, after several fits of explosive

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origin and there is no history of trauma. It is not to be enter-

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mon in the delirium, and increases the difficulty of nursing.

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Various other nervous symptoms are of occasional but rare occurrence,

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source of light until equality is attained. Confirm the

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Physical examination showed an obese old man, sUghtly

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First, the focus of infection itself, and secondarily a tendency to

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turbidity and serum pigments. Because of this vari-

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cared for during months, and even years. The treatment is dis-

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are given, and the same five- or seven-day interval is observed

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appendicitis and the appendix was removed at that time. Owing

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hemorrhages setting in. At the end of the fourth day the re-

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able in dehydrated form. In addition to containing agar,