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To mention my own experience which I have no reason to believe

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poultice recommended for inflammation of the bowels is also valuable.

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percolation to proceed gradually adding alcohol until the cimicifuga is exhausted.

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the umbilicus was again tamponed with Monsel s solution of the subsulphate of

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the poor who dwell there. The old walled cities are often

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higher temperature of the palsied side which preceded paralysis and persisted

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as venous inflammation and obstruction after labor bnt still we as yet know

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turbance of any kind thev are not selected cases but with another

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portation of the best specimens and to competition in public at shows and

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ferent conditions which may exist in the two flasks are taken into

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herent it might hence be considered as a precious expedient and be frequently

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i more than the weight of four packs of cigarettes.

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epistaxis in none. Our patients took the disease with Egyptian

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coagulated matter and in some instances small hardened lumps

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have of course to be accepted without an erudite scientific

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admiration of his French Canadian countrymen. The illustra

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phragm consists in surgical reduction of the herniated

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the case from one of peribronchial tuberculosis but there are

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quency in women is the fact that sterility and certain ovarian and

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near as I can ascertain there are about physicians and only Fellows.

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It must however be admitted that I failed to recognise the

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lentlv. This is only true of the milder forms. Genuine or membran

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tery there is no disease in which this is more important.

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seems clear but not so its explanation. Formerly Walshe

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tained by introducing a dilating instrument of sufficient calibre to stretch

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